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1)    Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping cost is calculated by weight and destination during checkout. Some restrictions may apply. Contact us for more information: http://www.squidpacks.com/contact-us/


2)    What is the difference between the Classic SquidPack and the Tiny SquidPack?

SIZE! The Classic SquidPack is bigger and it is the size of an average school backpack. It has a laptop sleeve inside as well. The Tiny SquidPack is a more compact size, perfect for kids 3-6 that don’t take a lot of things to school, or for recreational use such as taking it to the gym, using it as a personal bag, or for going on adventures where you want to travel light.


3)    What are the sizes of the SquidPacks?

Classic SquidPack is: WIDTH 11.5”, HEIGHT 16.5”, DEPTH 8”.
Tiny SquidPack is: WIDTH 10”, HEIGHT 13”, DEPTH 3”.


4)    What age range is recommended for a Classic SquidPack? A tiny SquidPack?

IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE INTENDED USE! Our Classic SquidPack is recommended for ages 6/7 and up, it is a perfect bag for school but is also great for traveling, but it might be too big for kids under 6. Our Tiny SquidPack was designed with the little ones in mind, and is perfect for kids 3-6 years old. But a lot of older kids and adults LOVE the compact size and use it for day-to-day wear, the gym, day-trips, and more!


5)    Can I use the Classic Straps with a tiny SquidPack? Vise versa?

YES YES YES! Since the straps are interchangeable, you can use the Classic Straps with the Tiny Squidpack and the Tiny Straps with the Classic Squidpack, depending on the age of the person that will be wearing the bag and the purpose the bag will be used for.


6)    How do I know which size of straps to pick?

It depends on the age of the person that will be wearing the bag. The Classic Straps are for ages 6 and UP. The Tiny Straps are for kids ages 3 to 6.


7)    How many charms can a SquidPack hold?

The classic straps on a SquidPack can hold up to 24 charms. The tiny straps on a Squidpack can hold up to 18 charms. We recommend starting off your collection with at least 4-6 charms.


8)    Are the silicone straps on the SquidPack comfortable?

YES! The silicone straps on our SquidPacks are not only comfortable but also provide great grip and durability.


9)    What material are the SquidPacks made of?

SquidPacks are made of extra durable 900D Polyester and the straps are made of food-grade silicone.


10)  Is the material of the Straps safe for the skin?

YES! Our straps are made of food-grade silicone, which is 100%, safe for children as well as environmental friendly.


11)  How do I clean my SquidPack?

Your SquidPack can be machine washed except for the straps. The straps can be cleaned using simple house products such as Rubbing Alcohol, Windex, and/or a damp soapy cloth.


12)  I would like to purchase my SquidPack in person. Can I do that?

Our headquarters is located in Miami, Florida and we have several stores in different states and countries that carry our brand. Contact Us for more information. If not, you can always order online at: wwww.squidpacks.com.


13)  What’s the warranty on my SquidPack?

See http://www.squidpacks.com/warranty/ for full details on warranty.


14)  If I receive the item and it is too small/big can I return it?

Yes. If the bag does not fit as you thought it would, you are welcome to return unused items in their original condition for a full refund. However, we will not cover the cost of shipping the item back.